Luxembourg looks like one giant park situated at different levels. If you look down from a bridge over the ravine or an observation deck, you will see lots of trees and bushes, nicely laid out flower beds and leafy alleys. In May, chestnut trees with their lovely white candle-like blossoms are everywhere. It is said that one can walk all across or around the city through the numerous parks and public gardens, never once having to stray into the adjacent streets. There are lovely green lawns where people relax or have picnics; lots of benches allow one to rest or even snooze; many fountains and little waterfalls provide shade and coolness when it is hot. Some blooms look familiar, others make one wonder. We saw gorgeous dark-purple flowers which looked like no lilac we knew, yet they turned out to be just that. Tulips blooms on every street, in every garden and on every corner. Some of their shades also make one stop and wonder if they are indeed the familiar tulips. They are, only much larger and in more colors than we ever saw. After a sudden rain the rainbow makes one feel happy; its French name, arc-en-ciel, means arch in the sky, very appropriate.

It’s an amazing eco-system which is carefully preserved by the nation.

LuxG10 LuxG1 LuxG2 LuxG3 LuxG4 LuxG5 LuxG7 LuxG8 LuxG9 Lux6

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