Flying to Verona, one can see the Alps and Lake Garda through the window, the view is awesome. It puts one in a certain mood, an expectance of Beauty and Calm. A few minutes drive takes you straight to Giulietta e Romeo hotel, a wonderful home away from home in a nice quiet side-street in the old center. Every morning, we woke up to the sweet smell of freshly baked goods, and had a great breakfast before embarking on our explorations. This amazingly beautiful town is a UNESCO Heritage Site, so there are plenty of signs and sights to see. The ancient but still functioning huge Arena is two steps away from the hotel. One can climb up and enjoy the views, as well as attend a concert in the evening. The Arena faces the famous Piazza Bra, literrally “Broad Square”. It is a hub of activity, with lots of cafes, restaurants and souvenir shops. Some places open for lunch at noon and close circa 2:30 P.M. until 7 P.M. There are others which are open “tutti giorni tutti ores”, all day long. All of them serve traditional Mediterranean dishes and local specialties. One of them is horsemeat, so be sure to check the menu carefully if you don’t want to eat that!
One of the best-known attractions, of course, is Casa di Giulietta, Juliet’s House. Yes, we all know it is probably a myth, but what a lovely one! People are always milling around there, to see the balcony, to write love messages on the wall, and to touch the girl’s statue. It is polished as high as people’s hands can reach. Inside, one can see the furnishings from the era described in the immortal play. Walking in a different direction, one finds Juliet’s Tomb, which is not quite what it says, but it is a pretty house with garden and an actual sarcophagus in the basement. The Bard himself occupies a prominent place in the city, too. One can see his statues, quotes from his play, and various memorials to his young heroes everywhere.
There is the customary shopping street near Juliet’s House, with all the familiar shops and boutiques, if one wants to go shopping. Piazza d’Erbe houses the market, and there are plenty of cafes and restaurants on it. One can climb up the tower and enjoy the surroundings. Lots of churches, basilicas, the cathedral all deserve a visit. In addition, there are several impressive castles, lots of bridges and gardens. The mountain river looks amazingly clean, and the air is very fresh and cleansing. Magnolia trees and olive groves are another pleasant feature. Walking around this lovely town, one can understand why generations of writers, composers, artists visited it, and why it is a popular tourist destination today.









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  1. Stephanie says:

    A truly magical city!

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