When I first saw a panoramic picture of Copenhagen, I immediately felt that I must see this amazingly beautiful place. I knew the facts, like, it was mentioned in various chronicles in the 11th century, and became a city in the 13th century. It has an old university, palaces and churches, an imposing City Hall, and its main shopping street Sproget is always full of people window-shopping or shopping. It is situated on several natural and artificial islets. Plenty of swans, ducks and geese live on its rivers and canals. There are lots of parks and shady green alleys everywhere. Tivoli Gardens is a famous amusement park, as well as a real public garden where people like to walk and relax after a hard day. There were plenty of wars around and about it. It has strong ties with Sweden. Gulf Stream is responsible for its relatively warm climate, and all the surrounding water is the reason for its frequent rains. It was home for Hans Christian Andersen, beloved by the whole wide world for his fairy tales. The Little Mermaid statue is only 123 centimeters long, yet it is the unofficial symbol of the city, its greatest tourist attraction. There are plenty of cafes and restaurants for every taste and budget. It seems that everybody speaks English.
Of course, nothing could prepare us for the great beauty of this place, for its friendliness. Sudden showers must be peculiar to this climate. Then come unexpectedly, the sky turns grey, the rain falls for several minutes, everybody dashes into any open door, be it shop, church or café. Once the rain is gone, people run along the streets, continuing their business. Walking along a canal, looking at the lovely multi-colored houses, fountains, water fowl, taking pictures is a great way to spend an afternoon or a morning. It leaves one with a desire for more!
Stay in Scandic hotel if your budget allows it, it’s a great hotel right on the water, with all the modenr conveniences. The staff are very helpful and friendly. Breakfast is superb.








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  1. Boss says:

    All familiar places everywhere I look! Having spent my semester abroad there I recognize every landmark. Thanks for the trip down memory lane, Greta!

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