Prague is an old town in the heart of Europe, situated on the Vltava River. It used to be the capital of Bohemia, famous for its crafts, and for its amazing magical glass. In the Middle Ages, Bohemian glass was already very popular, and very expensive. The first colored glass buttons were made individually on special commissions for kings and queens of Europe. For a time, nobody else was allowed to possess them.
People say Prague looks a little like Paris. In truth, it seems that one can find a street or lane which remind reminds one of any European city, be it Paris or Venice. That must be one of the reasons why many movies today are filmed in Prague. The name of Charles IV (Karel) crops up all around the old town. He was King of Bohemia and Holy Roman Emperor. He founded the University of Prague in 1348. The celebrated bridge with statues and ornaments also bears his name.
In summer, one can begin an excursion on foot from St. Vitas cathedral, a vast and beautiful medieval church dominating the city. One can go inside for a general look around for free, but it is necessary to pay for full admission. Near the cathedral, there is a wonderful observation deck, from which one can see the whole town spreading down below, and walk all the way down to the old center along the winding staircase. There are many churches built in different styles, monuments to historical figures, parks and canals, as well as numerous shops, theatres, cafes and restaurants. One can enjoy a leisurely stroll sightseeing or window-shopping. One of the turns will bring you to the Golden Lane, Zlata Ulicka, with its teeny-tiny houses where jewelers and craftsmen used to live. Today, they still exist, so it is possible to see people at work, and to buy some souvenirs. In the city center, there is the famous clock tower which dates back to the 14th century. The clock still shows the correct time, and large crowds stand in the square in front of it to see the figures move and to hear the music play on the hour.
Prague is full of tourists at any season. Summer is probably best, because it is warm. The greenery and the flowers add splashes of color to the town’s beauty. Winter is rather mild, so it is all right to visit Prague then too. There are plenty of places to see, and lots of places to relax in. One can wander around, taking pictures, enjoying the sites, and shopping. From Prague, one can easily get to the celebrated Karlovy Vary health resort. Prague airport is the hub of activity. There are lots of direct and connecting flights which take travelers to any destination in the world.
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