Before flying via Hong Kong, we studied all the information we could find. As we had only one day there, we chose Holiday Inn Express Soho: it offers a standard set of facilities including a safe, free wi-fi & tea kettle in the room. If you arrive early, they check you in, take your luggage for storage, and actually offer you a room straightaway if they have one free. Breakfast is included into the rate. From our twenty-fifth floor window, we got breathtaking views of the city.. If you are not alone and have heavy luggage, it is best to take a taxi from the airport. The express train costs $HKG 100, circa $US 14, and the taxi comes to about $HKG 300. Transport in HKG is color-coded: to get to Soho, you need the red taxis.
Location of course matters. Soho is the busiest, the most vibrant and colorful area of this city-state. The skyscrapers are overwhelming, and they seem to be growing by the minute. However, the old town is incorporated into the new one, and there are many charming little squares, parks and what is locally called “Sitting Out Areas”. It is clear they love trees and flowers, and there are plenty of lovely flowerbeds and amazing flower arrangements at every corner. If you are tired, you can sit down on a bench and relax, or eat your lunch, or just enjoy the views. Many cafes and restaurants offer All Day Breakfast. Brunch starts at noon and continues until about 2:30 PM, with lines of people forming in front of cafes. Dinner begins after 5:30 PM. If you cannot eat lots of spicy food, especially unfamiliar seafood, you can either go to any of the 24-hour MacDonald’s cafes, or have a great meal right next door to the hotel in “The Cottage – Gastropub”.
In addition to all the usual brand-name stores, there are plenty of little souvenir shops and street markets. Everybody in Hong Kong speaks English, so communication is not a problem. If you wish to spend a day riding around, you can take a tour bus. There are lots of double-decker buses and trams running in all directions. A few minutes walk away from the hotel, along a walkway which is far above street level, is the port and the most beautiful long promenade. You can watch the color-coded ferries running to and fro, stroll along the waterfront, and snap more pictures both of the sea and of the skyline.
Toilets in many places flush bright blue, which may give you a slight shock the first time, and there are no brushes in them.
The locals are very efficient and very friendly. If you have any problems at the hotel or at the airport, do not hesitate to ask for help. Your needs will be attended to. If necessary, a clerk will assist you at the airport through all the procedures. Hong Kong is a wonderful place to visit, like being inside a sci-fi movie.










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  1. Stephanie says:

    Amazing and very different from everything else!

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