We read on the web that unfortunately, there is no direct connection from Barcelona airport to Lloret De mar, so we took the train to Blanes, and from there it’s a few minutes bus ride to Lloret De mar. Miraculously, when we were leaving we discovered that actually there is a bus. It leaves several times a day and goes from Lloret to the airport and back. The time listed is 2 hours, which is correct. But it is better to allow some extra time when going back to the airport, because the bus first goes to Barcelona, and there may be traffic jams in the city center. As of July 2013, the price was euro 12.80. It is better to buy the tickets a day before to be sure you get a seat. The luggage goes into the special compartment under the bus. It goes to both terminals.
Where to stay: Rosamar hotels. Three of them are situated more or less on the beach. The largest one, Rosamar Garden, is a bit farther away. It has several large swimming pools which you can use if you stay in any of the four hotels of the chain. In Rosamar Spa, you get to use the spa services for free several times once you arrive; all the beauty procedures are quite expensive though. The hotels have all the modern conveniences; the staff is multi-lingual and really helpful; the food is very good. The main shopping street is right around the corner. There are plenty of cafes and restaurants everywhere. You can have dinner and a snack anywhere in town, and spend a relaxing evening on the beach, sipping your drink and enjoying the sunset. The best place to eat is Pizzeria-Restaurant Safari, located two minutes walk away from Rosamar hotels. The menu is printed in many languages, the food is very good, the prices are really decent, the variety of the dishes is quite astonishing. The waiters speak several languages and they greet you as old friends when you come.
What to visit: the weekly market on Tuesday. You need to go to the Casino hotel, turn right when you pass it, and follow the road until you see a park and the market to your right. It is huge, you can spend some time happily shopping and trying on things, then buy fresh produce – there are plenty of stalls with the local fruits & veggies, as well as sausages, cheeses etc. at the very end of the rows.
Another great place to visit is called Jardin de Santa Clothilde. It was commissioned in 1927 by Marquis de Roviralta in honor of his wife, who died young.It is a large park with beautifully landscaped gardens, lots of sculptures, fountains and observation points. The views are spectacular, the flowers are a riot of colours; it is a wonderful place to walk in and to relax in the shade. The family private quarters are closed for visitors. There is a modern toilet near the entrance/exit. One can either take the local bus to and from the gardens, or just follow the signs and walk along the beach. The climb is rather steep, however.
Walking up to the Castle de Lloret de Mar straight up from the beach is a good hike, too. The castle was built in the 20th century and belongs to a modern family, but it looks as if it is part of the mountain, and as if it has been there forever. There are plenty of shady groves, serpentine paths, and breathtaking views of the sea. Once you get on top, you will see the scenery around you as well.
The Fisherman’s Wife statue, erected in 1966, is a traditional place to walk to, and to take pictures with. All around it are little locks left by married couples for luck. Lloret is a great vacation destination, for families with kids, for mature couples looking for some quiet r&r, and for young people who want to dance the nights away in many night clubs. Everywhere in Lloret De Mar, Costa Brava, Spain, is a feast for the eyes and balm for the soul!
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  1. Stephanie says:

    I was fortunate enough to see the places described here with the blogger – brings me back!:-)

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