Nymphenburg Palace is situated in Munich, Bavaria, Germany. It was commissioned by the Bavarian kings in the 16th century as a summer residence, and was used by successive rulers ever since, until it became a museum open to the public in the 20th century. At first glance, this whole baroque ensemble evokes memories of the famous Versailles near Paris. Beautiful large palace with several wings, extensive gardens with many sculptures and fountains, ponds and canals with majestic swans and quacking ducks, there is a lot to enjoy outside. It is a nice place to walk around in, and it is very easy to reach inside the city. Tram # 17 stop is a couple minutes away from the main train station. The trip takes 15-20 minutes, and the stop is conveniently called Nymphenburg Palace. Once you get out, you can see the palace at a short distance. If you stop on a bridge across one of the canals, be ready for a multitude of very large fish, probably carps. They swim up to the surface and poke their heads out, silently opening their thick yellow mouths at you, which is quite unnerving. I guess they are used to being fed there. A short walk along a green quiet street, snapping pictures as you go, and you are in front of the main building. Walking in the park is free, as well as the use of toilets inside. You have to buy a ticket to get inside if you wish to see all the wonderful paintings in the Gallery of Beauties, and all the magnificent chambers with thousands of exhibits.
©gretag 2013

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