We had an hour in between trains on the way to our destination. The day being exceptionally sunny and warm, we emerged from the central railway station and looked around. What can one do in Koblenz in one hour? It is an ancient town which dates back two thousand years. It is called the German Corner because it is situated at the confluence of two beautiful rivers, Vater Rhine, Father Rhine, and Mutter Moselle, Mother Moselle. Yes, this is the region where the most famous wines are produced. Koblenz is also well-known for its piano factory. Naturally there are plenty of historical places in the Old Town district, with the requisite cathedral, the palace, the old fortress and various churches, statues, monuments as well as houses dating back to the Middle Ages. Around the train station itself there are mostly modern buildings, but one can turn left and walk along a street, with the tracks to one’s left, and reach a nice older area in about ten minutes, with the most gorgeous church sitting on the corner. It is lovely inside and outside. One can also walk along any of the parallel streets to get a feel of the city, enjoy the views, and return in time for the next train. It’s a nice little outing, a chance to stretch one’s legs and to see something new.

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