Carlton Hotel, Cannes

The Carlton Experience.
Carlton International Hotel in Cannes, France is of course that amazing posh hotel where many celebrities stay during the film festival. It was also used as one of the locations for Alfred Hitchcock’s comedy thriller “To Catch a Thief” with Grace Kelly and Cary Grant in 1955. As many people who are neither rich nor famous, I always thought the rates for its often described lavish rooms must be exorbitant. Since the internet gives unlimited opportunities for research, I went surfing through various travel sites to see what was offered and for how much. True, in season any five-star hotel is unimaginably expensive, though most of them are listed as fully booked. I entered different dates just to be able to have a look et voila! Much to my surprise Carlton showed normal but indeed lavishly furnished rooms, 20 square meters, for some quite imaginable prices, like €192 unrefundable, or €225 free cancellation, breakfast included. I suppose since one can book a room there one can also use all the many facilities and amenities, walk around and enjoy the experience. They also have their own fenced-in beach with restaurant. This year, there is also a lot of construction in its backyard, with the hoes and cranes constantly droning through the weekdays. I read that they are adding two new wings, 105rooms total, a new swimming pool and hanging gardens, whatever those might be. People in the neighboring hotels have to be careful which rooms they choose then; when you have a short vacation you don’t want to listen to the cacophony of construction sounds all day!
The suites in Carlton cost an arm and a leg or even the sky and the earth. Judging by the wonderful reviews they are worth it. Well, none of us simple folks can afford to stay in them. But it’s nice to know that if one so wishes, it is possible to have the amazing experience for a much lower and quite affordable price in the off season. And no, five stars are not guarantee of good service and positive impressions. We were astonished when we saw very negative reviews of the nearby hotel Martinez, another beautiful imposing large building located right on the famous promenade, and compared its very high prices to the much lauded Carlton.
The most amazing thing about Cannes is, one can find a variant for any budget there. Enjoying the sights and imagining yourself staying at the most expensive hotel are free.

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