Fuhlsbüttel, Hamburg, Gemany

Exploring Fuhlsbüttel.
Fuhlsbuttel is the part of Hamburg where Hamburg airport is situated. As I have a very early flight tomorrow I am spending a day and night at the Radisson Blu airport hotel which is located directly opposite the terminal building. Naturally prior to booking my room I read all the information carefully; as usual it is correct, up to a point. All I need to do in the morning is get out, cross the little bridge over the ground level, and I get straight into Departure zone for both terminals. Breakfast starts at 6 am, there is indeed a good choice of dishes for any taste at the buffet. It is arranged directly in the lobby area because the Filini Restaurant is now closed due to renovations, so there is also a lot,of work going on and part of the lobby is carefully cordoned off with some red tape. I guess we won’t enjoy a wide selection of Mediterranean dishes for lunch. I went to the top floor to enjoy amazing views of the airport from the observation deck; alas, it’s also closed till almost the end of the month. From my room window I could see some green area with a few houses peeking out a,omg the leaves, so I simply walked to explore. It is a very large district with lots of pretty houses and parks. I could not find a single large store and finally stopped at a Kiosk on my way, where I found that little cup of milk for my coffee and a few pastries. When I saw a mother with a young child in the street, I asked her about a bigger store. She said with a bright kind smile, “Edeka at Flughaven!” That one I know. So I walked back, watching the planes whoosh by real close. A French family rushed at me talking excitedly in French. I realized that I was wearing one of my T-shirts which clearly says “Paris France” and has a picture of the Eiffel Tower on it. I understood their “manger” and happily was able to point them in the direction where I just saw a pretty building with the sign “Ready Pizza”, a grill house and a Wok cafe all in one package so to speak.
As you go inside the terminal you need to find the escalator which goes down one level. Look right and you will see those big blue and yellow EDEKA signs. It is a very large chain store with lots of foods, including a very good salad bar and a bakery.
Hamburg is one of my favorite cities, and it is always good to explore it. One can always see something new, beautiful and unexpected anywhere in it.


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