Paris is beautiful in all seasons, it’s a given. Every street, every nook and cranny may present something new, unexpected and totally lovely. The familiar places never lose their charm. What added to our positive impressions this time was the unusually warm New Year, with the temperatures staying firmly in the plus area. There were occasional rains, what <meteo-paris> called “spits of rain”; there were some gusts of wind. But every day the sun would come out to shine on lovely buildings and lush greenery, and of course to brighten up the never-ending streams of pedestrians, tourists and locals alike. We decided that the time Mother Nature herself took the warm weather as an indication of Spring and reacted accordingly. Day-by-day we noticed more and more greenery around. Not only the grass-covered lawns and slopes, but also the trees and flower-beds. One of my own favorites, the tulip poplar definitely was putting forth tiny buds – it goes into bloom first with tulip-like large flowers, later leaves appear. For those of us who come from places where Winter holds its sway for several months, with snow, ice, blizzards and real frosts, this very warm month was a great gift. It felt like we stole two weeks from the cold itself by walking around and simply enjoying the warmth. All the Christmas decorations were in place, the lights, the fake snow-covered trees, the reindeer. And all around those the tiny blossoms, the fresh green leaves were busily poking out everywhere. Enchanted!

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