Florence in Summer

Florence in Summer.
The flowering city is in full bloom, the skies are blue, the sun is shining, the Arno River sparkles, the old buildings look very fresh. This week is very warm, 30-35C. There are crowds of tourists and long lines everywhere; one can hear all the languages and observe various customs and traditions all around. Being blessed and cursed with the absence of the sense of direction, this time I wander along the streets, peaking into nooks and corners, re-discovering the familiar sights and finding something new. The cathedral, Is Duomo is seen from practically any place so it is really impossible to get lost. I remember not to panic when I suddenly lose it, it is still there but happens to hide itself behind a building or a sharp turn. The famous Neptune fountain is closed for renovations; one of the numerous copies of David stands tall near Palazzo Vecchio. The original statue is safely displayed inside. I stroll past the Uffizzi Gallery, one of the most well-known art museums on the planet, and rejoice in the knowledge that I have been there several times. If you wish to see the grand masters of the Renaissance you should perhaps try to come to this city in January, off season. I did not yet try to find Dante’s House, Casa di Dante, with the adjacent little church where according to legend he first saw Beatrice when he was 9, and where she was buried. Nor have I managed to walk all the way to Santa Croce church which is a historic monument in itself. Rather than trying to get inside anywhere I simply enjoy that unique feeling, the sensation of being part of Humanity, no matter what language we speak. We are all human, and this magnificent city is part of our joint cultural heritage. A thing of beauty is a joy forever.

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