Palaiseau, France

Small Discoveries.
When you travel and find a nice residence hotel, the next item on your agenda is finding a good supermarket nearby. Going out is nice but one gets tired of eating at a restaurant every day, and of course it is much more expensive than home cooking. I was quite happy to see a large G 20 supermarket on Rue de Paris in Palaiseau, France in May. It has a large selection of foods and drinks, fruits and veggies plus all the usual household items. When I had some time while staying at the same convenient and comfortable Tulip Inn in August I walked all along the familiar street enjoying the sights. It is quite long and as I realized this time it must be the Main Street of this town which is well known as the home to various educational and research institutions. There are plenty of shops including a wonderful florist’s, an arts and crafts shop, some department stores, cafes and restaurants. The town hall which is called Hotel de Ville in French is also located on Rue de Paris. Walking past I reached a nice square with the fountain and a monument to Joseph Bara. He was the famous drummer boy who was killed in the Great Revolution of 1793. He was born in Palaiseau and died at the age of 13. His feat naturally became the stuff of legends, and many notable painters depicted his fate in their works. When you pass the square with its Georges Sand Mediatheque and museum you see the St. Martin’s church quite a distance away standing tall on a hill.
Walking back I saw the familiar Franprix sign; it is invisible from the other direction, hidden by a large tree. I found the entrance under a sort of archway which from the side-street looks rather like an underground garage, entered and discovered a very large supermarket with a great choice of all kinds of food. It is perhaps five minutes walk away from the G20 store on the opposite side of the street. My favorite Boulangerie is also nearby. What I did not realize of course was the fact that most shops are open weekends but closed Mondays and Tuesdays. Also August is traditionally the month when the French prefer to take their vacation. A very attractive bijouterie store has been closed for more than a week now. G20 and Franprix supermarkets though are open daily including weekends and public holidays. If you need anything else you can always take the train to Paris, it’s only about 20-30 minutes, depending on where you wish to go. Before leaving the hotel it is advisable to check the train schedule, and even then to be ready for the unexpected. All the stores around the Louvre, on Rue de Rivoli, Avenue de l’Opera and many other streets are open on weekdays including Saturdays; on Sundays only the souvenir shops are open.

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