Storms of varying intensity seem to be all the rage this summer. After a rather long hot spell we woke up to thunder and lightning, and watched a veritable deluge. As I used to tell our kids when they were young, It’s raining mice and frogs! In-between storms, when the sun suddenly came out in all its summer glory in the evening, we walked around to see how Nature looked. Well it looked just fine! A visitor to our town said musingly that he never expected the greenery to be so lush and fresh, which helped us look at our surroundings with a fresh eye and indeed see the lushness all around us. Here and there we found roses proudly blooming on the lawns. In many places quite unexpectedly we saw tall clumps of white, red and pink flowers. Their name floated somewhere in the remote memories until it came to the fore. They were mallows, very common at the time when we were children but quite forgotten later. Now they seem to be making a huge comeback. I always pictured bluebells as little wild flowers. What we saw were almost bushes of them, standing tall and bearing large clusters of lilac-colored bell-shaped flowers. One white stem rose high among them.

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