Nature has no bad weather. It does what it does without regard to human wishes and aspirations. Spring is the most beautiful season (for me), when everything wakes up after winter. All the trees go into blossom, there’s green grass and flowers everywhere, and at last we can take off the bulky clothes and warm shoes to walk around enjoying the sights. I saw lots of pretty flower beds all around town and decided to take some pictures next day. It was very sunny, with the afternoon temperature rising to 25C. It definitely felt like summer. Next morning, I woke up, looked outside and gasped. I mean, who would expect to see a huge snowfall in May?! All the trees with their tiny new leaves and lovely blossoms were totally covered with snow; I could not even see the ground let alone the new grass. What might happen to all the flowers in this blizzard? I went to explore today. Well, the tulips mostly survived; the daffodils are all bent down low or simply broken; some dandelions peek out from under the grass; amazingly the new just opened clusters and bunches of flowers are still here; and the green grass triumphantly covers the ground. A nice flowerbed nearby is partly ruined but there are enough flowers and grasses to give one hope. When I checked my photos at home I saw the a large cat walked into my shot, like a veritable photo-bomber. It was a one-day occurrence. Hopefully Nature will go on bringing us warmth and joy.

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