Tulip Inn at Massy-Palaiseau, France is a very nice residence hotel. It is easy to reach from Charles De Gaulle airport by RER B train, just be sure to check that the train goes in the right direction. The same train will take you to the city center. You may either buy single tickets or if you are staying for a week, buy Navigo transportation pass. It works Monday through Sunday for all kinds of transport including your return ride to the airport. It is also long-term, save it for your future travels. You can add money to it whenever you find yourself back in Paris again!

The hotel is five minutes walk away from the station. If you are traveling with luggage be sure to take the lift once you get out of the train. Look to your left and you will see a charming house with a turret. Follow the road past some very pretty houses and you will see the hotel right in front of you. I think they don’t do themselves justice: the picture on <booking.com> shows the building standing sort of nowhere. It is actually at the end of a street. I took several pictures along the route to memorize the few turns, and snapped some views from the apartment window. The apartments have a built-in kitchenette with hot plates and microwave; there are enough kitchen utensils, plates, cups and cutlery. If you take a larger apartment you will have the advantage of being able to go out the bedroom into the small separate kitchenette and have your morning coffee in peace while the family sleeps. Beds are large and comfortable. The bathroom is well-equipped; you may need to ask for an extra towel as they only offer the large ones and you don’t want to dry your face with the same one you use for your body. Anything you need may be found at Reception desk. Rooms are cleaned daily. The hotel serves breakfast for 10 euros per head. However you may prefer to cook your own meals. If you go back to the station, cross the tiny bridge and look for Rue de Paris, you will find a large food supermarket which is open daily 8:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m., weekends and holidays included. There is a large Boulangerie (bakery) directly opposite which is open on weekends but closed on Mondays and Tuesdays. The locals obviously know the schedule well: we saw people stocking up on baked goods, carrying half a dozen long baguettes to their cars.

Last but not least, booking an apartment at Palaiseau is cheaper than booking a tiny hotel room in the center of Paris.

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