When in Vienna, prepare yourself for huge daily doses of Beauty. Every building seems to have columns, ornaments, statues and various decorations. There are innumerable Titans and Caryatides (who were like female Titans) holding up the balconies and entrances. The female faces, in spite of the constant heavy lifting, are lovely. Walk inside any church, look at the dome, to Oculus, the murals and paintings, the winding staircases and stained glass windows, the organ and the altar. In the city park, Stadtpark, one can see the charming Kursalon building which houses a great concert hall and a very good restaurant. In front of it is a flowerbed clock. Behind the famous Karlskirche with its distinctive two tall columns on the sides, the French embassy is housed in an imposing large building. Many other embassies and businesses can be found in the area, each of them boasting a lovely location. Raise your eyes, and you will notice some statues soaring in front of a building, or a busy chimneysweep ready to step ahead onto his new task. Many historical places have plaques and signs which tell a tourist what it is they see and give a brief history of the area or a concrete house. There is clearly a method to this madness, one does not get lost or overwhelmed. Wherever you look, you see that inimitable phenomenon: a thing of Beauty is a joy forever.

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