Hotel Royal, Vienna

Hotel Royal, Vienna.
Vienna, Austrian name Wien, is a lovely city with lots of beautiful buildings, churches and monuments, shopping streets and restaurants, and of course hotels. Finding a place to stay may be difficult only if everything is fully booked, and if you have a certain set of requirements in mind. For our week’s stay, I was looking for a place which would have AC, safety deposit box, free wi-fi and breakfast included. Preferably we wanted a place which was close to the main attractions. Vienna is the city which immediately brings to mind Mozart, one can hear his music and see his face everywhere. As if one celebrated musician were not enough for one town, Vienna is also renowned for the immortal music of Johann Strauss. No, even those two great musicians, the ever young extremely prolific genius and the King of Waltz, are not enough. Empress Elizabeth, affectionately called Sisi, her virtual cult of beauty, her amazing floor-length hair and her tragic death are also part of the eternal legends interwoven into the city history.
Hotel Royal is literally a few steps away from Stephasdom, St. Stephen’s cathedral. If you turn left, not right when you exit, you will see one of the city’s Mozart houses! The very place where concerts are regularly held. Hotel Royal is one of the four Kremslehner family run hotels in Vienna. It has all the modern conveniences and facilities in addition to the original decor; once I saw those mirrors I was sold. Breakfast is very substantial, there is something for all tastes. They make very good coffee on request too. The staff are friendly and they speak English. The rooms are spacious and clean. Billa supermarket is right across the street, it has a wide selection of foods and a great freshly made hot meals counter. If you wish a larger choice, turn right as you exit the hotel. Then left to Kaertner Strasse, one of the main shopping streets. A few steps away you will see the big sign PAUL above the street. No, it is not the well- known international bakery but a Menswear store. You don’t need it anyway, just turn right before it and you find another Billa store. That one is huge, with a glass lift inside. They have a really large hot foods counter, plus salads, soups and an enormous selection of foods. We were a bit tired when we first arrived and did not feel like looking for a restaurant, so we bought half a hot grilled chicken for €2.50, some fresh salad and breads and had an enjoyable meal in our room. Every hotel room has a minibar which simply means that there is a fridge, so storing a pack of cheese and ham overnight is not a problem. You may get a city map at reception, choose the places of interest you wish to see, check the distance and have a nice daily walk. Stadtpark, city park is five minutes walk away along Singerstrasse, just turn left when you go out and follow the road. Marriott hotel is right across the road from the park, it is an attractive modern building. The imposing palace behind it is actually a residence hotel. That’s the thing about Vienna, there are so many palaces and residences, one has trouble distinguishing between historical buildings, museums, embassies and houses.
Hotel Royal has a large sign over its entrance which is easily seen from any direction.

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