Schwaig Bei Munich.
Schwaig Bei Munich now is practically a home away from home. We fly from somewhere and go straight to this tiny place after a long tiring journey. It’s nice and quiet, with practically nothing but a few hotels, some houses scattered along the highway, and the airplanes whooshing by every minute during the day. Yet there is a very nice church, a school, a kindergarten, a post office and some restaurants, which clearly indicate the existence of civilization. Even walking along the road we meet a few pedestrians, some young parents with strollers; there is some construction going on in places, and some work done in the surrounding fields. Schwaig is actually a district or a division of Oberding, the municipality where Munich Airport is situated. Last time I just walked by myself along the road, looking at the pretty houses along the way and snapping a few pictures. This time we walked with my husband. He somehow always knows where we are and how to get back. Blessed or cursed with a bad case of topographic idiocy, I can only backtrack. So we walked leisurely turning this way and that (which I never do when out by myself), and we soon came to a lovely little river  or stream. It was busily running along at a really fast pace. The high banks are now covered with clumps and whole patches of multi-colored crocuses, or maybe e correct name is croci as per the Latin plural nouns rule. Well, cactus (singular) – cacti (plural) sounds Ok but croci probably doesn’t. Floating on the water were lots of very large ducks busily dipping their beaks into the water and obviously grabbing something edible. We stopped on a tiny bridge and watched the unfolding tragicomedy. The biggest brightly colored male duck loudly shooed away the smaller ones and then sort of strutted around, if one can strut in the water, preening and quacking to impress the females. Meanwhile all the other ducks would stealthily creep back. I guess it’s spring, the courtship season. Isn’t it amazing that in Nature, only the males are usually brightly colored, and they do all the work to win the modestly plumaged grey female, while humans do it so differently? Men may look like nothing on earth and yet consider themselves God’s gift to women, and women spend a lot of time and effort on make-up, clothes and accessories to attract men. Actually I think most men wouldn’t recognize an accessory if it hit them in the face. Like in an old joke: Wife, to husband: Honey, I need so much money for make-up, manicure, dresses and shoes, all to look beautiful for you!
Husband: Aren’t I lucky, I was born handsome, so I don’t need all that stuff!

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