Schwaig, Bavaria

imageSchwaig by Munich, Bavaria.
Schwaig is a familiar little place in Bavaria, not far from Munich airport. It lists four (4) attractions, all of them in nearby towns. Street signs tell me that there is a school, a sports center, and once I actually found a tiny post office. I could see a couple families with children in tow getting out of their houses, so obviously there is some population. Schwaig proper is mostly hotels catering to air travelers and motorists. You arrive from anywhere, stop by at the large Edeka supermarket right there at the airport, buy up all kinds of foods including delicious turkey frikadellen, hot chicken, soup and salad, sweets and drinks, and of course breads and cakes. Then you follow the signs to the hotel shuttle bus stop and spend a few minutes getting to your hotel. If you wish to stay at a town where there are some nice buildings, a cathedral and other places of interest, not to mention cafés, restaurants and shops, you may wish to choose a hotel in Freising, a charming tiny town not too far from the airport. If all you need is a good rest in between your flights, stay in Schwaig. Our hotel of choice is Holiday Inn Express. It is completely affordable, breakfast is always included into the nightly rate; it starts at 4am, convenient if you have an early departure. The shuttle runs every half hour; it takes you to and from both terminals. There is a kettle, cups, tea and coffee in every room. Reliable free wi-fi makes it easy to stay in touch with the world. A computer and printer are conveniently situated in the hotel lobby, so you can register for your next flight and print out your boarding passes.
When we arrived on January 6, we were rather astonished to see snow everywhere. It does not happen too often in Bavaria I think, so I walked around a bit taking pictures. Practically every minute a rumbling started somewhere above gradually growing in strength until an airplane appeared still high above in the bright blue sky, descending swiftly. That’s quite an impressive spectacle and an attraction in itself, especially for boys aged zero to one hundred. It’s a nice place where one can relax and enjoy the peace and quiet which have become such a rarity in the modern world.


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