A Concatenation of Circumstances

A Concatenation of Circumstances.
Things that happen while we are traveling have a tendency to evoke stronger reactions than the same things which occur at home. A combination of several little mishaps may give you the jitters when normally you just laugh them off. Thus it came about that after two longish flights and the wait between planes we had to take a short train ride, the final leg of our journey. We double-checked the schedules, made sure of the platforms went to the station with some time to spare, and then made the mistake of also checking the carriage order so that we could be ready to board the train once it arrived. We dutifully waited in Sector A. But when the train streamed into the station we discovered that we were NOT facing our car number, so we asked the conductor. “Ach, the order is changed, you have to run back to the other end, but you won’t have enough time, better hop in and walk through the cars!” We hopped into the nearest car and struggled through dragging our suitcases and apologizing to the other passengers. There were no carriage numbers or maybe they were all at the other end so we asked another conductor. “This is it!” She cheerfully informed us. I could see that all the seats were already taken so I asked her to help us find ours, and she told some people to vacate our reserved seats, which they did. We arrived on time, walked to our hotel, and they were good enough to give us our room at once so that we did not have to wait for two hours until,the official check in time. That was a big bonus which cheered us up greatly.
Next day my husband left for his event and I explored the town for a few hours. Then I came back for lunch and of course turned on my laptop. It told me that I needed to renew my hotel free wi-fi access. I tried, nothing happened. I went to the bathroom – and all the lights went out! That was a bit much for my poor nerves which I usually don’t ever feel. I went downstairs to reception where a very nice lady on duty immediately persuaded my laptop to behave, so that I was online again. I told her about the lights, and by the time I got back there was another nice lady by our room door. She delivered a very long speech in German which I listened to politely. When she paused to take a breath I said, “Ummm, sorry…” Surprisingly it turned out she spoke almost no English, but we made do with a few words and a lot of gestures. The lights came back on, I said Thank you and Vielen Dank and we parted smiling. Since there is an espresso machine in the room I decided it was time to have a nice cup of decaf. I swear I just used a similar machine successfully though it was in a different country. I put in a capsule, poured in water, plugged in the machine, pressed all the buttons. The machine whirred and huffed and poured out hot water. I could see the capsule which fell down inside as it should have but for some reason the coffee did not materialize. Well, I had the lights and my laptop worked. So I rummaged around, found some tea bags and made very nice tea. I know all these little things are totally trivial as compared to the infinity of the Universe, not to mention all the stuff that is going on in the world. But a concatenation of circumstances can really task a woman’s soul.

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