Schwabsburg is a municipality near Mainz, Germany; it is one of the many lovely little towns like Nierstein which are situated along the Rhine River. The name Schwabsburg originated with the Schwab castle built in the Middle Ages. The whole area looks like one vast vineyard where many famous Rhine wines are produced. If you buy a wine tasting tour, you will have a chance to see the amazingly pretty scenery, to taste not only many fine wines ranging from extra dry to semi-sweet to very sweet; you are also offered a walk around the vineyards where you are free to pick and eat as many various kinds of grapes as you can manage. This gives you an idea of which grape is the basis for which wine. After this unique tour you proceed to the large yard with long tables where wine tasting occurs. The best tour is probably the one to Petershof Wines produced by the Huff family. The visitors get special cute little wine glasses which they can take with them as souvenirs. While they taste the wines the whole family including children takes part in the ritual. The adults bring out the wines and pour them into every glass, while the children walk around solemnly offering snacks, sandwiches and so on. After the tasting guests are invited to look at the bottled wine and take their pick, so it is better to put a tick against the wine you particularly liked in the list. You can buy any number of bottles at very reasonable prices. It is important to know that the wines are not sent out anywhere; they are only sold to visitors right there at the Hof (Yard). We chose Bacchus, a very light golden-colored semi-sweet slightly sparkling wine. The taste is heavenly! My husband took a lovely photo of the surrounding vineyards.

The family has a very nice information site in German and in English




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