Kelsterbach near Frankfurt am Main, Germany is a tiny little town with many very good hotels which cater mostly to travelers. We chose NH Hotel Frankfurt Airport because it is very close to the airport, it has a free shuttle which goes to and from the hotel and Terminal 1, its spacious rooms have all the usual facilities, a safety deposit box, a tea kettle and free Wi-Fi. We also managed to catch a good deal, a double room breakfast included for just 79 euros a night. To compare, the weekend of the Frankfurt Trade Fair in September most hotels go up to 250-300 euros per night. We arrived after a long flight totally exhausted and went out for a little walk. It takes about 20 minutes to get to the town proper along a green road. Since it was the weekend, there were not too many people around. But we stopped occasionally to watch the airplanes which whoosh by every minute. We looked at the pretty little houses but did not have the energy to walk further across the tracks to see a few interesting buildings which we have seen on the web. It is a good place for a stopover. NH hotel has very good soundproofing. We watched some more planes which fly low right over the hotel; it’s an awesome sight! We couldn’t get Wi-Fi reception in our room but it was fine in the lobby. Breakfast was really great with lots of food for any taste.

K1 K2 K3 K4 K5 K6 NH1

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