When you go on vacation, choosing a place to stay at is a priority. Our experience shows what many travelers know: once you find your own paradise, just stick to it. So we found Rosamar Hotels in Lloret De Mar, Costa Brava, Spain. First we tried Rosamar Maritim. It faces the beach; it is budget friendly; it is very convenient when you travel with children and with older relatives. In recent years they turned it into an aparthotel which stands to reason. They don’t have a separate reception anymore, you have to go to Rosamar & Spa hotel across the road to check in. Meals are provided in Maritim, you can book half-board, full-board or bed & breakfast, same as in all the other Rosamar hotels. Garden Hotel is a bit farther from the beach. It is the largest one, with several swimming pools, a huge dining area, an extensive entertainment program. One can use its fitness facilities regardless of which Rosamar hotel one chooses.

Then we came to Rosamar & Spa hotel and found our own paradise, so we come there every year. It is very close to the beach, just a few steps and you are on the sand with the loveliest sea views. There are also several small beaches and the famous Castle Climb close by. Karina and Melania as well as the whole staff will attend to all your needs and help you with all the requests. Breakfast is at 8-10AM; it is huge and very tasty, with an amazing choice of foods. They also serve sparkling wine in the morning as an aperitif. Since we come annually, we were met as friends and the hotel gave us a bottle of sparkling wine by way of greeting and saying Thanks, which was very nice. If you don’t want to go out for lunch or dinner, the hotel provides vouchers for just 13 euros; then you can use the enormous varied smorgasbord. Warning: one cannot maintain so much food intake every day! There are plenty of cafes and restaurants around, or you can buy excellent food in the numerous supermarkets. Sadly, many shop clerks try to cheat their customers, especially the large Palou Supermarket, so watch your change and demand a receipt each time.

The rooms in Rosamar & Spa are quite spacious and clean, with a nice balcony where you can hang out your beach towels and swimsuits to dry. There is a safety deposit box in every room. All the usual toiletries and towels are provided daily. If you wish to have your bedclothes changed, you have to tell the reception. There are many families with children, so it gets quite noisy during the day; the nights are quiet. Good soundproofing ensures that you are not bothered by revelers, and air conditioning allows you to set any temperature you like. Reliable free wi-fi throughout the hotel makes it possible for you to stay in touch with your family and the whole world, and to surf or browse the net any time.

There is a large pool and a fitness area with sauna; the pool is free; you get several free sessions at the fitness center during your stay. There are also plenty of beauty treatments to book if you feel like it. In short, what’s not to like!Ros1 Ros2 Ros3 Ros4 Ros5

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