The Castle which dominates the beach view in Lloret De Mar, Costa Brava, Spain is such a natural part of the landscape and so flawlessly medieval, it comes as a shock to learn the two basic facts: one, it was built in the 20th century; two, it is privately owned. It is also one of the main attractions and a popular walk. Every day tourists patiently trudge along the pathways which have a steep sheer fall to the sea below on the one side and the mountain on the other side. The route has many twists and turns, archways and steps which go up and down. The first section brings travelers to the gate and the sign in several languages: “PRIVADO!” One has to skirt the gate and to continue the climb. There are plenty of places to sit down, relax and enjoy the gorgeous amazing indescribable views. Now that I look at the photos I marvel again at how beautiful Nature can be. Honestly, if I hadn’t taken the pictures myself I would not have believed the marvelous colors, the whole palette. Some trekkers only manage half the route and take a rest, then climb back down. Others staunchly continue to the very top, to the pretty observation balcony which gives one an amazing view to the whole area and the endless ever-changing sea.

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