Lloret De Mar Walks.

Lloret De Mar Walks.
One can walk around the streets of Lloret De Mar, window shopping, hearing snatches of conversations in many languages, enjoying the sights and then settle down in a cafe to sample all kinds of delicious dishes. The lovely church which clearly shows various influences through the ages of Catalonia history is a well-known landmark. Be sure to go inside and look at the many magnificent statues, paintings and the large organ.

There is the beach and magic transparent water, so one can swim and loll around In the waves. And then there are several real routes which help you stay fit and energized. On a slightly chillier day or on any evening, go to the beach and look around. To your left is the magnificent castle, the main local attraction. There is a winding pathway which goes up and down along the mountain, through little arches and over narrow steps, with tiny areas for a brief rest. The views are gorgeous, with the sea down below and the green mountains to one side. Though we know that the castle was built in the twentieth century, we still climb to the top each summer. Those who do not know stand around helplessly staring at the closed gates and the large sign “Privado. Private Property” which greets them as they seemingly reach their destination. One has to climb back down which is much harder than going up, so there’s fitness for you!
Young people may continue their walking tour on to the little town of Tossa Del Mar with its amazing ancient fortress. We visited it several times, by bus, which goes along a steep mountain road: some 12 minutes to the top. Then 12 minutes to the bottom. If you are looking for a real thrill take the bus. You’ll be gripping the edge of your seat the whole time.
To your left is another trail which goes up and up, to the statue of the Fisherman’s Wife, another twentieth century creation. She is eternally standing there looking out to sea, hoping to catch a glimpse of her husband’s returning boat. Tourists rub her toes for luck and then take pictures posing near her. It is a touching tribute to the circle of life, a poignant reminder of the fragility of human existence. Who knows if her man is coming back, and yet there is eternal hope in her stance.
From the statue one can go on and eventually reach Santa Clotilda Gardens, a lovely private estate which is partially open to the public for a small fee. There are lots of shady paths with some unique plants and fruit trees, pretty fountains with lotus flowers and water lilies, numerous beautiful statues of mermaids, dolphins and even humans. The views from above are truly majestic.
The sea is an ever changing creature that never sleeps, it constantly moves and shifts, sighs and roars. Its color changes every second, from deep blue to green to grey to silver to aquamarine to mauve to golden azure… I don’t know all the words that could describe it. There are benches and smooth stones and sand where people sit just staring at the sea, imbibing the beauty of it and breathing in the amazing salty fresh air.

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