Lloret De Mar Shopping

Lloret de Mar Shopping.
Lloret De Mar means Tears of the Sea in Spanish. It is a lovely little town on Costa Brava near Barcelona, Spain, with gorgeous sandy beaches, beautiful promenades, cafés and restaurants, and lots of shops. Its population used to be about 15,000, with most people working in the tourist industry through the season. In recent years, it became almost 40,000 if we can believe Wikipedia. One can see the new arrivals everywhere; in the evenings, the atmosphere is not as relaxed as it used to be. So we walk during daytime, window shopping, making an occasional buy. There are a zillion shops catering to all tastes and needs. Naturally most of the small stores sell beachwear and all the attendant paraphernalia like umbrellas, towels, sun creams and so on. Many souvenir shops make one wonder: does anybody ever buy this? Obviously someone does, or these things would not be produced, right? Bijouterie is another huge selling item. Young women never tire of rummaging in the trays or staring at the displays of accessories. A few stores which claim to sell real gold and silver can be found among the many costume jewelry stores. Lots of shops have a good selection of summer clothes and shoes including the latest in fashion, like kiddie sneakers with blinking little lights all over the soles, such fun! InterSport store offers the usual great selection of all things sports & fitness, same as in any big city.
Food stores are wonderful. We watch groups of young men buy up heaps of baguettes, cheese and ham, packs of drinking water and jars of Nutella chocolate spread daily. In this respect, one would not notice any national or racial differences, young men anywhere are always hungry.
The locals seem to have a collective sweet tooth, or maybe they believe that the tourists have those. There are plenty of sweet shops which offer a large choice of sweets beginning with the famous “tourron”, 200 gram chocolate bars which come in many varieties. One can buy an amazing amount of muffins, cakes, buns, tarts, sandwiches and even the celebrated red velvet cake or muffin at numerous patisseries.
Most people working at hotels, shops, cafés, in transportation or pharmacies speak several languages. When I hear them switch from, say, English into German into French into Spanish in quick succession, I often think that maybe all the teachers should have a chance to visit such a place and learn how to actually teach communication. Naturally the hotel staff do not speak each language to perfection, but they know enough to attend to the customers’ needs, and they manage to understand what is said. They have the necessary vocabulary in several languages at their fingertips, and they pick up more almost daily.
Ten days, two weeks in this paradise are enough to feel rested and recharged. One cannot stay in paradise forever, it may become boring. While it lasts, while there are still lovely unspoilt places, let us be grateful for what life has to offer.

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