Supermarket Palou, Lloret de Mar

Supermarket Palou, Lloret de Mar
There are plenty of shops large and small in Lloret de Mar. We stop by to get some baked goods and some little things for our evening meal. Cheese, ham, smoked salmon, fruit. Supermarket Palou on Carrer de la Vila is the only store in the area where they sell Evian. The choice of foods is very good, so we buy water and whatever else catches our fancy. And they always have warm fresh baguettes on sale. Add the fact that they are open daily till at least 10 pm, and it is clear why this is our choice for food shopping. When it seemed to me that a cashier charged me a bit more than I mentally calculated, I thought I probably didn’t see the relevant price. The clerk didn’t give us a receipt so we couldn’t check. Next day, same cashier, an older dark-haired woman in eye glasses, rang our purchases. I watched each item appear on the screen; the sum roughly tallied with my count. I gave her €50. She took the banknote and turned to the next customer. I said loudly, “Excuse me!” She said brazenly, “Que?” At which point my husband approached me and said loudly, “€30!” The sum was still on the screen, so we got our substantial change. At the other cashier’s, a young man came back with a check and obviously demanded his change too. We concluded that cheating tourists must be quite a side trade at this supermarket. Well, we decided to not only calculate and check the change as usual, but also demand a receipt each time and double check our purchases before leaving the store. It seems to be rather a universal attitude, that tourists are rich; foreigners are fair game. In truth, most tourists are the same hard working people as those same clerks. But we don’t live in this lovely climate. So we work hard and save some money to come to this paradise for two weeks of relaxation. We don’t expect the locals to cheat us at every step. After all, we are the ones who bring business to this place, who help the locals get their wages. To be fair, not many people cheat. Most locals we meet are very nice helpful folks. What happens when we come across such brazen attempts at cheating? Why, we stop coming to this store for all our purchases, and they lose a substantial sum of money daily because they have fewer customers. We buy Evian with its price clearly marked, so there’s no room for cheating. And we go to a smaller supermarket directly opposite for everything else. So far, they don’t cheat.

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