Restaurant Milano, Lloret de Mar

Lloret de Mar is our personal paradise on earth, and pizzeria Safari was our haven for many years. When we arrived tired and hungry this year, we went out for a meal. Safari was still there, but it was not our Safari! Obviously the restaurant changed hands. The decor was different, the staff was all new, and the menu was unfamiliar. The cooking was quite good and the service fast but something was definitely lacking. So we explored and finally found the new venue. It is now called Restaurant/Pizzeria/Bar Milano; it is located right on the lovely promenade between Museum de Mar and the City Hall, among the shady Palm trees, and it has a gorgeous view of the sea. The owner Miguel told us that he sold Safari and started here with Milano. The cook is the same, they have the familiar endless menu which includes lots of amazing dishes for every taste. There are salads, meats, fish and poultry, pasta and pizza, plus all the usual and unusual drinks and desserts. The service is fast, the staff are very friendly, and they speak several languages. Miguel himself works the tables daily. He effortlessly switches from language to language, jokes with the customers, drops a compliment here and there, and gives a special warm welcome to his loyal supporters who visit annually. It is a lot of hard work. Having lunch or dinner at cafe/restaurant Milano feels like home. It is an experience which makes a summer stay at Lloret de Mar complete.

Milano1 Milano2 Milano3 Milano4 Milano5 Milano6

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