It is always good to re-visit a place you know and love; it is even better to walk around with somebody who knows it really well and loves living there. We were fortunate on both counts, having the opportunity to spend a relaxing weekend in Hamburg, Germany in between two tiring trips, and to go sightseeing with our unofficial guide. From Dammtor Palais which houses several nice hotels, via the university campus with its gorgeous buildings to a lovely park. Summer and winter are like two separate countries. In summer, everything is green, with lots of flowerbeds which add all the colors of the rainbow to any nice sunny day. There are ponds and lakes, walkways along the river; there are little waterfalls and fountains; people relax on the lush grassy lawns, jog along the shady paths, or busily pedal along on their bicycles. Ducks, geese and swans grace the waters occasionally issuing forth their strident cries. Children’s laughter pervades the air. It is all very peaceful, and one can only wish for it to continue forever.

DSC05573 DSC05555 DSC05556 DSC05559 DSC05562 DSC05564 DSC05569 DSC05570

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