The Royal Palace, Aarhus.

I had no idea that there is a royal palace right here in Aarhus! It is the summer royal residence which looks rather like a large beautiful country mansion, a white building situated in the midst of extensive well laid park. It is called Marselisborg, located on Kongenvejen. Some of the grounds are open to the public but not when the family are in residence. I decided to go see it anyway though  google maps told me it’s a little over 3 km away, 40 minutes on foot. I mentally added at least one more kilometer and doubled the time. Since the day is very windy and occasionally sunny with no rain yet, it seems like a nice day for a good long stroll. I went past the ultra modern City Hall which looks as if it is perpetually encased in scaffolding. In reality those are huge marble slabs arranged all over the facade. The I saw what looked like an ancient city gate with two tall towers flanking it. It is actually a really large lovely St. Pauli church, very imposing outside and very simple, functional inside. On I went along Hans Brogas street with magnificent white and red brick buildings lining it on both sides. Most people I met on my way were either cyclists or joggers, but I saw a man getting out of his car, raised my hand and when he paused I asked him how to get to the royal palace. He obligingly pointed ahead and to my right. Near the next crossroads I saw a couple students and asked the same question. “What you need the royal palace for?! Oh, to take a pxiture of the guard, yeah.” They pointed. Then I saw a little souvenir or flower booth ahead, asked, was told that it’s yet another 700 meters. I mentally doubled it to 1,5 km and walked on. Lo and behold, as promised, there was the roundabout and right in front of me I saw small but very clearly royal gates with the guard in uniform and tall fur hat marching to and fro. Yes, this is the royal palace and park. No, I cannot make a step in to take a picture, the family are in residence and the grounds are off limits. Sure I can take a photo of the guard. I took pictures of the guard, the park and even glimpses of the palace. It all looks very private, very nice and secluded, not open to the curious eyes. I like that. No way for the paparazzi to climb on anything and snap pictures of something the world is not supposed to see. Yes, I believe even the royal family are entitled to their privacy. Directly opposite the royal estate is a large playground where children and adults run around, play on the swings and various fitness machines. The way back took less time and seemed shorter though I vacillated in places trying to figure out which way was right. While I walked briskly with the giant trees on both sides I couldn’t help but think of the Forbidden Forest in the Harry Potter books.

It is a very nice invigorating walk!

Haus4 Church Church1 Guard Haus1 Haus2 Haus3

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