Barrage Vauban in Strasbourg on the Ill River is a massive dam commissioned by King Louis XIV in the 17th century. It was designed by military engineer Sebastian Le Prestre de Vauban and constructed under the direction of Jacques Tarade in 1686-1690 from the Vosges pink sandstone characteristic for the city. It served as a dam, weir and fortification. Now it is a unique museum which is open daily; entrance is free. Walking towards it in May, we saw lovely pink and red chestnut trees in bloom. First one has to cross the lapidarium where many copies of statues and sculture groups from several museums and churches are displayed. One can see the whole area and the tall massive towers from the deck below, and then climb on top to another observation deck to look at the whole construction and the city itself. It is too large to fit into one photo; besides, it is so impressive, it is very hard to decide which view is best! One can only marvel at the human genius, and try to picture how the feat was achieved more than three centuries ago, without the modern machinery and tools.

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