Before embarking on a three-hour-long train ride along the Rhine River, we wondered about what we should do to occupy ourselves so as not to be bored. Then the train started, running along the river, twisting and turning, stopping occasionally. We looked out the window and we were hooked! The beautiful large river sparkled and seemed to sing to us; there was constant traffic on it, from small fast boats to huge slow river cruise ships to heavily laden barges to solitary fishermen floating patiently in the middle of nowhere. On both sides of the tracks there were green hills and valleys, lots of pretty little towns with church towers or spires rising high in the center. Higher above there were numerous castles and old fortresses, some of them looking incredibly ancient while others seemed to be still occupied. Here and there we saw patches of land with carefully tended grades, large bright yellow rape fields; there were cows lazily munching on fresh grass, sheep, horses and maybe other livestock which we couldn’t identify. It is a truly scenic picturesque route. The river is awesome and the surroundings are lovely. We stared and stared, I took pictures hoping that at least some of them would come out well in spite of the very fast train, with its speed at times reaching up to 230 km an hour. It was a lovely ride and the time flew swiftly.Rhine1 Rhine2 Rhine3 Rhine4 Rhine5

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