Frankfurt-am-Main International Airport is one of the largest and the busiest in the world. If you have to spend a few hours in between flights or planes and trains, or even a night, this is a good place to be at in any season. In spring, once you emerge outside you are greeted with the very welcome and very beautiful sights. You will see nicely arranged flowers, like multihued hortensia (hydrangea) in large tubs, flowering chestnuts everywhere, long green lines of various trees lining the roads. You can go onto a balcony and relax while looking at the greenery and the speeding traffic. You can also watch the planes take off and land every minute!

Inside both terminals there are plenty of cafes and restaurants where you can find any sort of meals, fast foods, snacks and regular dishes. Numerous Relay shops offer a wide selection of newspapers, magazines and books in various languages. Follow the signs to find The Squaire, the ever-active center of activity. On its West Side you will find the large supermarket Rewe (pronounced reh-weh, almost like ray-way). You can buy water, beverages, any food you wish, and there is also a good selection of hot meats and poultry, soups and salads continuously prepared afresh at a special counter. Needless to say it is much cheaper than at a café, and often much tastier. On its East Side you will see the pathways which take you directly to Hilton and Sheraton airport hotels. You can take the skyline train operated remotely to and from the terminals and parking. The train station is located in between terminals. You can buy your ticket and go not only to Frankfurt which is about ten minutes away by train, but also to many other destinations in Europe directly from the airport. Frankfurt Flughaven is a city within the city!


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