Eating In and Eating Out.

Living anywhere, even at home, for a month gives one ample opportunities to compare options. In Paris, all the food is very tasty, and there is always something to choose for any palate, jaded or not. Staying at a hotel for a week and attending a conference is of course vastly different from staying in an apartment for a month of regular work. Going out is never a problem, lots of places open up by 6 am or maybe even earlier for breakfast with the inevitable fresh croissants and coffee. Lots of cafés and restaurants are open till after midnight and one can always find at least one eatery open 24/7 in any area. If all else fails there are train stations 🙂

How much what? Ah, that’s a good question. If you are a celebrity then probably you have no upper limit to your spending. We simple folks have to count carefully being on a budget. Truth be told, it is actually a pleasure to be able to cook at home rather than consuming conference lunches which are often just sandwiches in a box. Going out choosing a restaurant, getting acquainted with the many choices is also an experience. So one can combine the two, no problem in Paris.

When shopping for food, especially on Rue Mouffetard which has been famous for its markets since the first century, one has to hold a tight rein on oneself simply because there is so much choice. Everything you see is fresh and absolutely delicious. You can buy three big salmon steaks for under €15, cook at home, salmon takes only about twenty minutes to be ready; toss some salad, have tea or coffee or juice, and your dinner for three will cost you about €20 total. A chicken is twice cheaper; meat is about the same price as fish. If you bake your own breads, you spend less money on bread and cakes, and they all taste great. The flour is so fine it seems to mix itself into a nice dough whatever you decide to bake. And there is literally no end to your options, you can buy and combine anything with anything.

When you go out, take a minute to study the restaurant of your choice on the web, look at their menu, check out the prices. At a regular cafe or restaurant, an average figure per head seems to be currently €20-25. That same salmon steak is €17-20 a plate. Any drink but plain tap water is €3-10. Lots of eateries offer set menus, for instance you order either an entree + dessert or a main dish + dessert for €20. Drinks are extras.

In the evening, you may go out, sit at a table outside with your one glass of wine or beer for several hours if you feel like it, engaging in that  typically Parisian pastime, gazing lazily at passers by and life in general, or talking with your companions. Alternately, you may decide to have a walk if the weather is good, then buy a bottle of wine or beer for a very small sum, and enjoy them at home. The choices are limitless, and they are all yours to make 🙂

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