Relaxing after a Long Outing.

April 10 proved to be one of those gorgeous spring days: the sky is unbelievably blue, the air fresh and balmy, and it is really truly WARM. Everything that can bloom, does, or is totally ready to burst into magnificent blossoms. Everybody is out and about. We took bus #21 to Rue de Rivoli/Louvre, walked through an arch into the courtyard and walked all around it snapping pictures as did lots of tourists. There were also plenty of street vendors offering water, selfie sticks,  souvenirs and some dubious wares. It was a bit strange, seeing them in this royal courtyard.

Then we went to Tuillleries Gardens and looked at every blooming or almost blooming tree; even the stately chestnuts already have their famous candle-like flowery shoots almost ready. Fountains, flower beds, little ponds with ducks, and lots of chairs and benches occupied with people just enjoying the sun. From there we crossed  Place de la Concorde and walked along Champs Élysées, the widest street in Paris. Its lovely green alleys completely block the sounds of traffic on both sides. BTW there is a public toilet tucked away discreetly on the right-hand side as you walk with Le Louvre behind you.

You can see the Eiffel Tower in the distance; it looks deceptively close, but it’s really quite far away. Arc de Triomphe is much closer. From there we went to the Seine, past the big and the small beautiful palaces, and along the embankment towards Notre Dame.

In every park, every garden, in Luxembourg Gardens and on the steps of La Sorbonne hundreds of people were sitting on chairs, benches, on the grass, and on the steps. Not to mention that all the street cafés were  full too.

After a full day out one probably needs to relax, to digest the myriad impressions. We stopped at “Marks & Spencer” and I saw a nice tiny bottle which said Lambrusco. Characteristically for the modern age, the label informed me it was produced in Italy, bottled in Germany, chosen by the UK “Marks & Spencer” chain, and sold in Paris. It’s a nice grape cocktail with only 4% alcohol., one of the sites I check daily, informs me that it will rain tomorrow. No matter, one can always walk around in Paris in the rain. It was a perfect day today. For which we are duly thankful.

Relax1 Relax2 Relax3 Relax4 Relax5

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