How to Be a Happy Camper.

In my wanderings around the lovely city of Paris, I never cease to be amazed at how much Beauty I can see everywhere. I even came to the conclusion that through the centuries, the French have developed a high sense of Beauty in all its variations and incarnations, that they love Beauty and manage to convey this feeling to visitors. I stop, stare and take lots of pictures which hopefully I’ll sort out later. Magnificent soaring buildings, wrought-iron grilled balconies, flowers lavishly spread on flower beds, modestly peeking over the balcony and window railings, and widely displayed in the numerous florists. Lots of really old houses carefully preserved and still in good use; restoration works where needed; amazing churches, fountains, squares large and small. And of course the numerous parks, boulevards and alleys which combine to create that fresh air feeling. When the sun is shining, the sky is unbelievably blue. There is even a phenomenon known as blue air which people say can be observed in some places near the river Seine.

Being an adult and quite a seasoned traveller, naturally I notice many sad, distressing, negative things too. One can easily over-concentrate on them only, and then miss all the things this city is famous for. Paris is justly known for its many celebrated places, and for its historical monuments.  It is also a city where one can wander endlessly, discovering something new and wonderful on every street and corner, at every step one takes. All we need is love.

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