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When we arrived at Munich airport in Germany, we went straight on to the hotel shuttle which took us to Holiday Inn Express in the tiny town of Schwaig. Visiting a familiar place during the holiday season is of course different from seeing it at any other time of the year. Holiday Inn Express is our overnight stay hotel of choice for several reasons. Usually they check you in at once, which must be due to the popularity of the hotel and to the good turnover, to the fact that weary travelers come and go at all times. It matters a lot to us that we do not have to wait a couple hours for the traditional 2 o’clock check in, but can get into a nice clean room right after noon. The spacious room has a tea/coffee kettle in it, a nice bonus. It doesn’t have a safe or fridge, which seems logical since the stay is usually short. In addition to a very good breakfast, they serve the basics during the day, like pizza and burgers; there is also a wide selection of beverages at the bar. The staff are very polite and attentive; they all speak good English. If you wish to have a fancier meal, you may visit one of the restaurants around. The Sheraton hotel & restaurant is next door. It was very warm, so we took a nice long walk along the road, following the winding streets. This time, we found a pretty church with a quaint village cemetery; the tombstones show an amazing number of people who lived well over 90. We started out in the dusk. By the time we walked to the river and back, it became quite dark, and absolutely every house lit up with Xmas decorations. It was lovely all around, and very quiet. Passers-by said “Abend!” or “Hello!” to us. A large number of families walked with strollers where we could see twins peacefully sleeping or gazing around. We hope to find this charming place as is whenever we visit it in the future.


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