Lubeck can be easily reached by train from Hamburg; the journey takes less than an hour, so you can go there and back inside one day. This ancient city has the population of over 200,000 now. It is a UNESCO World Heritage site, well-known for its wonderful Gothic brick architecture, one of those places where you want to take pictures of every building, starting with the renowned city gate which dates back to the 15th century. Lubeck also is considered to be the original home of marzipan. A short walk from the train station takes you directly to the factory shop, where your senses are overwhelmed by the huge variety of all things marzipan! If we hadn’t seen the amazing colorful display, we wouldn’t have believed that all those figures could be made from this sweet delicacy. Strolling along the winding old streets, one can enjoy the sites and snap lots of pictures. The main street has all the familiar shops with a good selection of goods and foods, so Lubeck is also a popular shopping destination. One can find something new to admire each time one visits this town. In an old church, we saw an impressive astronomical clock, and quaint stained glass windows. Nearby, there is a statue of an imp, with a line of tourists waiting their turn to take pictures. The legend goes, if you rub its big toe, you will be lucky all day, or maybe even all year! The brick Rathaus, or Town Hall, is a lovely and somehow modest building. If you walk into the yard through an arch, you will find a nice restaurant where you can have a cozy lunch or dinner after your long walk.


DSC04578 DSC04551 DSC04552 DSC04553 DSC04557 DSC04560 DSC04562 DSC04567

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