In any European town, we find lots of beautiful carefully preserved buildings, wonderful churches, lovely parks, gorgeous monuments, amazing museums, winding bustling streets, and lots of tourists. When I return from a trip, I am hard put to it to choose a few photos I wish to share with my family and friends. All of them depict magnificent places, all of them remind me of the cultural treasure troves I have visited. Basilica Sacre Coeur and Monmartre in Paris; well, Paris is good in any weather, and every little corner may present something new. The lovely quiet little towns in Germany, France, Italy, the Netherlands, each with its own quaint charm. The old clock in Prague. The numerous museums where one can wander forever and stare at the old paintings and statues with a feeling of wonder and awe. And the ubiquitous tourists, who happily run around, chattering in a multitude of tongues, snapping pictures of everything, sharing them with the world. The safety, the feeling of togetherness. I sincerely hope all this will be preserved. There must be more people who care about the culture, about our common heritage, than those who do not care.

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