Frankfurt am Main in Germany is one of the few cities which make me feel immediately at home. We land in Frankfurt airport, take the train to Hauptbahnhof, the main train station; the ticket costs 4.55 euros (as of August 2015); the airport signs direct you to Gleis 1 (Platform 1), from which “All trains go to Frankfurt city”. 10 minutes, and you arrive. If you emerge underground, just follow the signs to long-distance trains, it’s the fastest way to get outside North or South. We turn left, cross the road and come to InterCity Hotel, the best overnight stop between flights we know. 10-15 minutes brisk walk will bring you to Hauptwache, which used to be a military prison but now is a nice restaurant. After a nice meal, you can go straight to Zeil, the main shopping street, with Galleria Kaufhof standing directly across the square from Hauptwache. Turn into a side street, and you’ll find yourself in the small charming Altstadt, the Old Town, with its famous lovely square and the cathedral, as well as many cafes and the usual souvenir shops. I love Frankfurt for being quite an eclectic city. They manage to preserve their old buildings and their cultural heritage, plus everywhere you look you see modern skyscrapers which tower above but do not overwhelm the older buildings. If you want a relaxing walk, just go along the river Main embankment, or take a boat trip if you have the time. Be sure to stop by at a bakery and sample some of the traditional fare. At any shop or supermarket, you may see another traditional treat cum souvenir: the gingerbread hearts which are baked in all sizes and decorated with all the colors of the rainbow.








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