There is a great pleasure in spending your vacation at a place you know well and love visiting. It seems that you have seen all there is to see there, yet each time you may find something new. Lloret De Mar on Costa Brava, Spain, is my own personal Paradise. Rosamar hotels are the best places to stay in. You can use all the facilities in all the hotels. The staff are very attentive and polite, as well as multilingual. We got a fine room with a gorgeous sea view at Rosamar & Spa, our preferred annual choice; they also gave us huge fruit plates as a welcome gift. The ebach is a few steps away. One can either use the main beach, or walk a few steps to the left and enjoy the peace and quiet in one of the little beaches along the cost. The castle, built in 1935, stands tall above the sea. There is a winding trek to the top which is constantly pounded by eager tourists. The views are amazing from any point. The main shopping street is a few steps away, with its zillion little shops which present some new items daily. The Church is the local attraction; it shows the interaction of different styles, with Romanesque, modern and maybe Oriental beautifully mixed together.
Pizzeria “Safari on Avinguda Joan Llaverias is also a few steps away. It has a great varied menu which caters to any taste. The menu is displayed outside, in many languages and with all the prices shown. The staff are very friendly; they don’t rush at you until you step inside the tented enclosure, so you may browse at peace and decide whether you want to have your dinner there. The service is fast and the food delicious. You can take a leisurely walk along the Promenade down to the Mairie or go all the way up to the statue of the Fisherman’s Wife who is perpetually looking at the sea searching for her husband. It is a nice romantic little town which one wants to visit again and again.







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