Trouville used to be a fishing village near Deauville which probably dates back to pre-historic times. With the building of the railway in the 19th century, and the development of the neighboring resort town, it’s becoming more and more a part of the same township, with some important differences. It is easy to reach Trouville, which shares the train station with its more wealthy neighbor. Just turn left when you emerge out of the station, or cross the bridge over the Touques River from Deauville’s center. First you will see the Marina with lots of yachts and boats, as well as the Casino. Lots of sea-gulls constantly swoop around and land everywhere; they are clearly used to people staring and snapping pictures. As you walk along the Marina, you see lots of very pretty houses. Trouville has its own Mairie and Office de Tourisme. There is a huge fish market which you can identify by the seafood smell. Lots of hotels, brasseries, cafes, restaurants, boulangeries and patisseries lin up the walkways. There are no expensive boutiques though, and the prices in all the establishments are quite democratic or budget-friendly. Be sure to stop by at a lovely church on your way to the seafront. The Promenade stretches on for about 2 km. There are the familiar cabins, though without any celebrities’ names on them. The hotels, villas and restaurants along the beach are quite lovely. Public toilets are to be found on the beach. A strong wind from the Channel seems to be a constant. On the way back, be sure to buy freshly baked croissants, strawberry tartes or pies. A large Monoprix store sells foods, accompanying goods, salads, grilled chicken and fresh produce.








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