A bus trip by # 52 from Utrecht to Amersfoort takes about 20 minutes; it costs 6-7 euros. The road goes between the green fields, and you also see some imposing mansions and country houses on both sides. You arrive at the bus terminal in front of the Central Station, where you can check the schedules and figure out the approximate return time. You can also use the toilet and buy a snack in the very modern station building. From there, just follow the signs to the wonderfully preserved historical Medieval center. First, you pass the new district, with some very functional places like NH Hotel Amersfoort. You can see the Dom Tower, which is the tallest structure dominating the city. According to historians, there were human settlements in the area even in the pre-historic times; the name Amersfoort appears in the 11-12th centuries, and the town status was officially granted to it in 1259. You can visit the local museum located in the pretty gingerbread house along the way. Follow the winding streets, looking at the canal, the lovely houses and the numerous statues and decorations, including one of a mermaid rising suddenly from the water. The old town gate is definitely an attraction to see, with its little turrets and the old sluice system. When you pass through it, you find yourself facing the railway tracks, and some attractive streets. Walk back, do some shopping, look at the lush greenery. Even on a rainy day the city looks nice. There are plenty of bicyclists busily pedaling along. If you need to ask for directions, wait a few moments to see some pedestrians. Everybody speaks English, and people are ready to help you find your way if you take a wrong turn. The buses come and go on time. It is a nice opportunity to see something different around Utrecht.








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