If you arrive to Munich airport in Germany and are in need of a good place for a stop-over, Holiday Inn Express Munich Airport is the place for you. Once you get your luggage, you may wish to stop by at the huge Edeka supermarket to buy some foods and drinks. They have a big department with grilled chicken, various meats, delicious frikadelle (meatballs), soups, salads and sandwiches. Fresh breads, sandwiches and sweet rolls can be bought at the counters right outside the entrance/exit to the store. You can also sit there by the tables and enjoy a short snack. From Edeka, turn left, walk a little way towards Terminal 1 looking to your left; you can emerge through the exit marked Munich Airport Center, which is opposite an information point in Terminal 1. Stop # 7 is located directly opposite the Exit. The shuttle bus comes at 19 and 49 minutes after the hour, from very early morning to late night; it stops at Terminal 2 at 15 and 45 minutes after every hour. It used to be a mini-bus which went direct to the Inn. Now it is a regular-size bus which bears the signs for Sheraton Hotel, NH Hotel, and Holiday Inn Express, all located in the tiny town named Schwaig. The ride will take about 15 minutes, with stops at every hotel, HIE being the last one. The ride back to the airport is at 5 and 35 minutes after the hour, starting after 4AM. HIE is the last stop as you come to Schwaig; the shuttle goes directly to the airport when it picks you up for the return journey. There is absolutely nothing to do in Schwaig, so it is the perfect place to relax in-between flights. Why Holiday Inn? If you fill in the booking form and mark your arrival time in it, they try to have the room ready for you even if it is not yet the official check-in hour. The room is spacious, with all the modern conveniences including tea and coffee making facilities. The staff are very friendly and attentive to your needs, and all of them speak very good English. There is a free internet access point in the lobby near the lift, with two computers and a printer, so you can register online and print out your boarding pass if needed. Wi-fi is free throughout the hotel. Breakfast is included into the rate. It starts at 4AM and continues through 10AM. Juice, tea and coffee, hams and cheese, jams, eggs, cereals, yogurts, fruit and breads make a substantial meal. You can have drinks at the bar during the day. From 5 PM, you can also have very decent meals there. The menu is small but sufficient: several kinds of pizza, burgers, meat and chicken, desserts and all kinds of drinks. If you have the time and energy, you can take a short walk around town. It is very nice and quiet, a good place to unwind and get a new energy boost.



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