It is easy to get to Pisa from Florence, there are trains, buses, excursions and tours. A train is maybe the easiest and most convenient way to do a half-day trip: as of January 2015, the ticket was 8 euros; there is at least one direct train an hour, and the journey takes about one hour. The train station in Pisa is right in the town center. If you take a bus, you’ll have to climb or take a city bus to get uphill, where the old town is. In Florence, everything is closed on January 1; in Pisa, everything is open. There are crowds of tourists everywhere, all gradually walking towards the main attractions. The town is lovely, and on a clear day, the view across the Arno River is spectacular. You can see the Leaning Tower way away, leaning some 5 meters from the perpendicular. Since it was built as a campanile, the bell-tower, it is actually not a separate structure, but part of the whole ensemble. The magnificent old cathedral built in the 11-12th centuries is a view to behold. There is a lovely round-shaped baptistery, with intricate decorations outside; inside, it is mostly a huge dome; there are also stairways, one can climb all the way up and walk along the gallery. One has to buy a ticket for 5 euros to get into the baptistery, then the cathedral visit is free. If you wish to climb on top of the Tower, the ticket is 18 euros, and there is always a long line of people, mostly young. There are age restrictions. Eating out in town on a holiday may be a bit of a problem; there are plenty of fast-food cafes and kiosks in the train station, so you can have a snack before going back. Lots of tourists buy a sandwich and eat while walking along the streets. There are plenty of signs to all the places of interest; public toilets are clearly marked too. A few hours are quite enough to get a great impression, and the trip is worth it. The Tower has been leaning for several hundred years, it is a miracle and a great attraction.







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