Hopefully, all of us have a place which feels like a home away from home. Lloret De Mar in Spain is one of them for me. There is now a regular bus which goes to and from Barcelona International Airport; as of August 2014, it cost euro 12.90. It drives all over Barcelona, so we felt like we did not need any extra excursions afterwards, since we saw the city in all its glory. We also saw the famous old cemetery for the rich: they built their family crypts so that they could have a sea view (even after death). The ride may take up to two hours, so be sure to start early for the trip back! It is also wise to book the bus tickets online a little in advance, or buy them at the Lloret bus terminal, since it may be full otherwise.
Rosamar hotels are among the best places to spend your vacation at. Depending on your family size, your budget and wishes, you may choose one of the four hotels in the chain. The biggest one is Rosamar Garden. It is slightly farther away from the beach than the other three. It has a large pool, all the facilities you may need, and the largest restaurant. Rosamar Maritim caters to younger couples and families with children; they do not have a separate reception, you have to go to Rosamar Spa right across the road. Rosamar Spa is a great hotel for couples, families and singles. There are all the modern conveniences, good reliable wi-fi, huge breakfast, a good-sized pool. They also offer you several free spa sessions and a long list of beauty treatments with flexible prices. The hotel is a few steps away from the beach and the magnificent promenade, as well as from the trek to the Castle. It is also two minutes walk away from the main shopping street.
The best place to eat is Pizzeria-Restaurant SAFARI on Avinguda Joan Llaverias, a minute’s walk away from Rosamar Spa and Rosamar Maritim hotels. The menu includes pizzas, pastas, soups, meats, fish and chicken, all of them deliciously fresh and tasty. Anna greets everybody with a smile, and speaks Spanish and Catalan non-stop. All the waiters are very polite and friendly, and the manager himself serves dishes and greets old friends in a multitude of languages. We’ve been coming there for some twelve years, and we never wanted to have a meal at any other restaurant.
Walking, swimming, enjoying the sites, eating amazing meals, what else does one need for a good vacation? There is also shopping, and a weekly market where one can buy fresh fruits and veggies, as well as lots of stuff for oneself, not to mention some souvenirs.

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