Sometimes, it seems to me that nature favors white colors above all others. Anywhere one looks, there seem to be white heaps, foaming down trees and rising up flowerbeds. Rowan trees, with their perfect shape and spreading white clusters of sweet-smelling flowers, seem to dominate a landscape. It is hard to imagine that come September, they will be burdened with orange-red little bitter berries, which are impossuble to eat. They survive the first frosts and serve as food for many birds. Even lilac trees defy their very name by producing white tall bunches. There is also a very strange tree which turned out to be an experiment, a crossing of linden with wild cherry. Their flowers are sort of downy and furry; their fruit is good food for birds but not for humans. Tiny pulpy black berries are ripe by September, too. Another color nature likes is definitely all shades of purple. There are mysterious mauve balls rising on thin tall stems among huge burdock leaves. Lovely purple irises line paths and lawns. There are the ubiquitous pansies and the right lilac trees, with light lilac or dark purple clusters of flowers. The more the merrier.


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