Munich (German name Muenchen), Germany, is a great city in Bavaria. It is a convenient transportation hub for traveling around the region, as well as a wonderful place with its beautiful Altstadt, Old Town, which has many places of interest. As we had a long flight, we decided to stay overnight at the one hotel located directly in the airport, the Kempinski. It seemed a bit pricey, but we could walk there straight from our plane and leave next morning, with just a ten-minute walk to our check-in point. Once we got there, we were glad that we made this choice. Not only it is conveniently located in relation to the terminals, it also looks out at, surprisingly, a typical town plaza, with cafes, shops, a large square, greenery, so that while having your dinner, you have a feeling that you are in a town centre. The hotel has its own indoor pool, which is a blessing after a long flight. On site, breakfast for 32 euros is listed. But once inside the hotel, you can use their snack and drinks bar for very reasonable prices, or simply go out and enjoy a great meal in one of the next-door cafes, or buy what you need at the large Edeka food store. It was definitely worth the expense.
On our way back, we went from the airport to InterCity Hotel which is located right in the railway terminal building: go out of the station, turn left, and there you are. As all the hotels of the chain, it has all the modern conveniences including a room safe and free internet access; breakfast is usually included into the room rate. We requested a double bed, and it was really a large double bed, not twin beds put together. At reception, they gave us a map, which had all the places of interest shown, thankfully in normal readable print, not in size zero, as often happens. It takes less than ten minutes to get to the old city center, with its Glockenspiel, the magnificent Rathaus and many churches, shops and restaurants. Following the map, we turned right near the Rathaus and walked to AsamKirche. This lovely gorgeous church was built by the Asam brothers in the 1770’s. It was originally intended for family use only, but the city decreed that it should be open to town people, too. Today it is one of the most famous Munich attractions. One can go inside, admire all the gilded ornaments, statues and decorations, listen to the music or attend a service. Outside, go back a few steps until you see an arch. Walk through it, ,and you will find a very nice arcade with lots of pretty cafes and restaurants, where one can sit in the shade of flowering trees and enjoy a great meal. It is amazing that such places exist in the middle of a great bustling city.

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