Luneburg1 Luneburg2 Luneburg3 Luneburg4 Luneburg5 Luneburg6 Luneburg7 Luneburg8 Luneburg9LUENEBURG, GERMANY

Lueneburg is another town one can easily reach by train from Hamburg. It is actually considered a suburb of Hamburg; its population today is a little over 70,000. The journey takes about one hour, and one emerges into a Medieval pretty little town, with its 11th century cathedral, which was restored after WW2. It boasts a beautiful white Rathaus, Town Hall, and the surrounding buildings follow the same style. Many streets evoke memories of other towns founded more than a thousand years ago, with their multi-colored wall-to-wall houses. There are also many streets and separate buildings made from red-brick or stone, which seems to be a characteristic of the area. Though a former Hanseatic city and a port, Lueneburg today is carefully preserved as part of the history of the country. Tourists come here in any season to walk the beautiful streets, to enjoy the lovely views, to take pictures of practically every amazing building. The old pharmacy near Rathaus is only one of the curiosities. There are several fascinating museums, as well as cafes, restaurants and bakeries. A shop window which stopped me showed a lavish display of gingerbreads, baked in all the sizes and colours, with sugar-frosting borders, designs and inscriptions for all tastes and ages. What one brings back from this town is impressions, lovely pictures, a taste of a totally different life style, which is far away from a big city hustle and bustle. Yet the big city is just a short train ride away.


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